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Prattville, AL Child Photography | Milestone Smash Cake Sessions

Your baby's first year flew by, and that sweet baby is now turning one! A cute (and messy) way to celebrate this important milestone is a Smash Cake Photography Session!

What is a Smash Cake?

A smash cake is a type of cake made specifically for a baby to “smash,” eat, and play with on or around his or her first birthday. A Smash Cake Photo Session is a type of baby photography that captures this event. These sessions are typically styled with a cute or meaningful theme, and the results are fun, unpredictable, and always precious.

When should we do our Cake Smash?

We recommend doing your baby’s smash cake session within a month (before or after) his or her first birthday. We do not recommend doing the session on the birthday if you are also having a party that same day because too many events on the same day can lead to cranky babies.

What should I bring to a Smash Cake Photo Session?

As with any session booked with Laura Miller Photography, we will plan the theme, colors, props, etc. for your smash cake session. Our studio has lots of props and backdrops for you to use, but you may want to personalize the session a bit more.

Who should come to the Smash Cake Session?

Please only bring the immediate family to the smash cake photo session. We want to focus our time on getting sweet photos of the birthday boy or girl. While we usually do shoot a few pre-cake shots of baby and can sometimes squeeze in a couple of extra shots of the family, we don’t want to overwhelm or use up all of the baby’s limited energy on general family portraits. We recommend a separate session for family portraits.

Book Your Cake Smash Today!

Contact us to book your Smash Cake Milestone Photography Session. You can also check on recent sessions on the blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new.

P.S. If you need a good baker recommendation? Spoonful of Sugar Bakery in Prattville, AL makes the most delicious and beautiful cakes and cookies!

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