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Prattville, AL Senior Portrait Photographer - Kelsen

As a Montgomery, AL senior portrait photographer, I always love the opportunity to capture the joy and excitement of a senior portrait session. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Kelsen, a Prattville High School 2023 senior, and it was an absolute blast! Here's a glimpse of what made her session so special.

First of all, the locations were perfect! We chose to shoot at Jackson Lake Island and downtown Prattville. Jackson Lake always photographs beautifully, and Kelsen loved the Spanish moss, the lake view and of course the goats!! (See the goat outtakes below!! Hilarious!) The natural light was perfect, casting a warm glow on everything around us. We started the session with some classic, casual poses in the fields and by the lake. We found a spot with lots of trees that provided some shade and the dappled light filtering through the leaves made for some stunning portraits. Of course, we had to include the beautiful arches and textures of the little houses from the Big Fish movie set. On our way out, we saw a beautiful field of yellow, wildflowers and had to stop for a shot! Kelsen's white dress was the perfect pop in the sea of green and yellow. Those are probably my favorite from the entire session!

Millbrook, AL_Senior Portraits - Kelsen (1)

Millbrook, AL_Senior Portraits - Kelsen (2)

Millbrook, AL_Senior Portraits - Kelsen (3)

Millbrook, AL_Senior Portrait Photography - Kelsen (4)

Once we wrapped up at Jackson Lake, we headed to the historic downtown Prattville for a more urban vibe. We moved around the historic buildings and creek walk, taking advantage of the different textures and backgrounds.

Throughout the session, I made sure to capture a variety of poses and expressions, from serious and contemplative, to joyful and carefree. We also incorporated some of Kelsen's favorite things. I love when we are able to incorporate hobbies and interests into senior sessions!

Prattville, AL_Senior Portraits - Kelsen (1)

Prattville, AL_Senior Portrait Photography - Kelsen (1)

We captured some shots of Kelsen in the creek which is one of her favorite things to do with friends but my most favorite part of the session was being able to incorporate Kelsen's best furry friends! She brought her two pups along to include in a few shots and it couldn't have been more perfect! Kelsen said,

"I brought my puppies along because dusty has been my childhood best friend since I was five. I really wanted to include him because he has been my buddy for as long as I can remember. He has helped me through so much. I also brought my other dog Gretchen because she knows just how to make me happy when I’m sick or stressed."
Millbrook, AL_Senior Portraits - Kelsen & Pests (10)

Kelsen chose several different outfits that showcased her unique style and personality. Her distressed denim jeans and adorable crop top were the perfect casual look. That mixed with a pair of sun dresses added a fun and playful look to her photos.

I asked Kelsen if she had any advice to share with other seniors about her senior portrait experience with Laura Miller Photography and she shared,

"Definitely take advantage of the professional hair and make-up option! I absolutely loved having the option of hair and makeup. It took so much pressure off my shoulders, and it was so relaxing to just sit and have it done for me. I did feel super nervous at the beginning of my session but as we took the first few pictures, I felt super excited and in the zone. I would tell others not to be nervous because Laura is an absolute blessing to work with. She will make you feel so beautiful/handsome. She treats you so kind and nice almost like you're one of her own. I had such a blast with her!"

Overall, this outdoor senior portrait session was truly and memorable experience for both of us! The locations, lighting, outfits, and poses all came together to create a beautiful collection of photos that I know Kelsen and her family will cherish for years to come.

Below are a just a few of the outtakes and laughs from Kelsen's session!

Millbrook, AL_Senior Portraits - Kelsen bloopers (1)

If you are searching for the right senior photographer for your Senior Portrait Session, I'd love to chat with you to see if we're a good fit! To inquire or book your session, contact me today. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to schedule your slot early.

You can also check on recent sessions on the blog or follow along on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new!

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