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Prattville, AL Portrait Studio: Why Not Just Digitals?

I often receive a myriad of questions from clients regarding digital files. In this digital age, we are all accustomed to online galleries and having a way to share them with family and friends and even having the freedom to print what we want (myself included).

You're probably thinking, "So, what's the problem with that?'

Just keep reading and let me explain....

To this day, I get emails from past clients asking to help recover their photos from a session years ago due to a hard-drive crash or they never downloaded the photos that were saved on a phone or lost the USB/disk during a moving....The list is endless. They received their images, made a post or two on social media to share a few of their favorites and then the excitement was gone. The photos were never printed and were quickly forgotten. Until they were gone.

That got me thinking, even I (the photographer and lover of photos) have never gotten around to printing the majority of photos from when my kids were- well, babies. It was just one of those things that wasn't high on the priority list in the chaos of raising three little. There just wasn't enough time in the day!

And then it hit me, these memories are priceless and deserve to be showcased and celebrated!! Why would I start a service but not finish it? Why would I trust some one-hour rush photo lab to determine how my photographic art would look? Why were my clients often coming back to me with questions about photo labs or wanting to order prints because their prints came out with a weird color? So many people were unsure how to physically display their images in their homes and were even more unsure of where to order high-quality products. The last thing I wanted was for my clients to invest their time and money into portraits of their beautiful families and not know what to do with them, waste money trying multiple print labs only to receive sub-par products. or worse, loose them altogether.

I mean, a surgeon stitches the patient back up after an operation, a gardener clears up the clippings after trimming the hedges, a dentist puts on a crown after a root canal, a pool guy levels the chemicals after cleaning the pool....I think you get what I'm saying. The preparation for a digital image requires the same skill set, the same amount of time and the same amount of retouching. A digital image is NOT faster or easier. It doesn't require less time to shoot, nor do I give it less attention. However, you will receive BOTH printed products and the digital copy because, I want you to own both. At no additional cost.

The end product I now give is a tangible object for you and your family and friends to admire in your home. Your printed keepsakes are hand crafted with archival products from a professional lab that is capable of handling all of my camera's color data. I have saved you from the headache and frustration and done the "test printing" for you! And I can guarantee the quality!

The truth is our babies don't keep, they will grow up in the blink of an eye and one day have a family of their own. When that day comes, these photographs will be the most cherished possession in comparison to any luxury brand product or appliance you'll own because it is a representation of your love and legacy. Your archival-quality prints will become the most valuable to your family. They will truly withstand the test of time. And no one ever-ever regrets having portraits done. ​ This is coming from a mom who's oldest is soon to be TEN and I'm frantically trying to recover every photo and video I have ever taken (time please so down!).


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