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Prattville, AL | Photos of Baby's 1st Year: From Baby Bump to One Year

If you are expecting your first baby, I'm sure you've been told to, "soak up every minute because it will fly by." Your baby’s first year will be filled with so many firsts, milestones, and tremendous growth. No other year will pass as quickly as that first year of life. Those sleepless nights and busy days can blur our memories. So how do you hold on? With photos of baby’s 1st year!

Many firsts will be documented in your home but there are a few big ones that are definitely worthy of professional photography sessions. Below are a few ideas to beautifully document your baby's first year.

Maternity Session

You can begin documenting baby’s 1st year with a maternity photo session. Capture your pregnancy glow and even more importantly, your family just before you welcome a new member (or members, if you’re having multiples!). Once baby is here, you’ll find yourself missing that baby bump and those sweet little kicks. You'll be able to look back and see your sweet baby bump.

If you have other children, you will be able to document them loving on baby before he even arrives. And that sweet baby will love seeing himself in mama’s tummy!

Newborn Session

A newborn portrait session allows you to preserve all the tiny, precious details that change so quickly. Mom’s recovery and baby’s comfort and safety are my utmost priority. I follow baby's lead and take great care to safely pose your little one and to keep them comfy and content so we can capture all those precious details.

There is a separate space in the studio with snacks, drinks, toys and a TV so siblings are able to come and go as needed, your pup can even make an appearance.

Milestone Session

Milestone sessions are usually done between 5-7 months (often when baby is able to sit up on his own) to capture his big smiles, silly faces and the way he sits a little wobbly. Siblings can be added to these sessions for extra sweetness. These are perfect ways to document those middle stages during baby’s 1st year.

1st Birthday

What is the best way to celebrate your sweet baby's 1st year of life? With photos, of course! We begin your photo session with a regular family session and get some solo shots of the birthday boy! Towards the end, you’re welcome to bring out a cake (don’t worry, I can help you plan out these details) for a cake smash shoot! These are always so much fun!!

At the end of the year, you will have plenty of memories from his first year, and beautiful photos along the way that you’ll love forever. No one ever regrets having their family documented during Baby’s 1st Year. Don’t just let cell phone photos and selfies be all that exists of your family.

When you book a Milestone Package with Laura Miller Photography, you can expect a full-service photography experience to capture your baby from bump to their first birthday and all the milestones in between. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to schedule your slot early.

To book your session, contact me today. You can also check on recent sessions on the blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new.

P.S. If you need a good baker recommendation? Spoonful of Sugar Bakery makes the most delicious and beautiful cakes and cookies!

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