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Prattville, AL Newborn Portrait Studio: Is My Baby Too Old for Newborn Photos?

Are you wondering if you’ve waited too long to get newborn pictures taken?

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

Ideally, a newborn session is booked well before baby's birth. Babies grow and change so quickly. Booking before baby is due ensures that you have an appointment to capture those precious details during those first couple of weeks. Baby's due date holds a place in my calendar and once baby comes, we nail down an exact date based on momma's and baby's recovery.

Although most of my newborn clients do book their photography session with me before baby is due, I do get some inquiries from parents frantically trying to book a session after baby is born. These babies are usually a little older, and parents are always worried that their baby is too old for newborn pictures. I've even had parents come to me that were turned away by other photographers because baby was "too old". I feel so bad for these parents that fully believe they have missed the opportunity to capture these precious photos of their sweet baby. I do my best to fit in last minute bookings but due to high demand, it's not always possible.

So, what is the "two-week standard", and why do a lot of photographers think more than two weeks old is too old or newborn pictures?

Generally, the best time to capture those sleepy, squishy poses that are all the rage these days is during a brief window of time between 5-15 days after birth. When newborns are this young, they have more predictable sleeping schedules, enjoy being swaddled, and are more flexible which makes them the ideal candidates for beautiful, swaddled shots. This two-week age limit is a common time frame used within the newborn photography industry and passed on from newborn photography teachers and mentors to their students. The vast majority of newborn photographers will only photograph newborn style sessions with babies that are under two weeks old. Anything above that is often considered too old for a newborn session.

However, for some babies, it isn’t practical or possible to have a professional photoshoot in those first couple of weeks. While each situation, family and baby is different. For example, baby may be particularly sensitive to outside stimuli. It would likely be better to hold off until they are a bit older. Or if momma is having a particularly difficult recovery, it would make sense to wait until she is feeling better to schedule the session. A NICU stay can also cause a delay in scheduling a session.

Transitioning to life with a new baby is an incredibly busy time in your life. You and your family are adjusting to this new normal with your little one, and time can fly by quickly. If you weren’t able to capture the newborn pictures you were hoping for during the first few weeks of life, for whatever reason, there is still an opportunity during the third to fifth week to have an adorable photoshoot.

Weeks 3 through 5

During this time, preemies and twins will typically still act and look like newborns. Even if your baby was full-term, this can be a wonderful time to get photos taken. I have photographed babies up to 5-6 weeks old in newborn style poses. Some of the poses might have to be slightly modified. As babies age in those first few weeks, they put on some weight and lose the ability to curl up as tight as they can in the weeks right after birth. Again, that doesn’t mean that your baby is too old for newborn pictures, just that some minor adjustments need to be made. The adjustments are so minor that most people don’t even notice.

However, depending on your baby’s individual growth and development, it’s possible they will be too big and too awake for certain poses or specific props. They also might not enjoy being wrapped or swaddled, which can be some of the most adorable newborn baby shots.

What happens when your baby is too old for newborn pictures?

If you had your heart set on getting a traditional newborn session, once baby gets past that 7-8-week mark, it’s likely too late. A lot of the props used for newborn sessions will be too small. Another struggle is babies at that age are awake longer, making it harder to get those traditional newborn poses but it's never too late to photograph your baby! Typically, a photoshoot during this time will focus on the bond between you and baby and the amazing, beautiful, and sometimes funny facial expressions your sweet baby makes

Important take-aways for when you are told baby too old for newborn pictures

Many experienced newborn photographers can pose and photograph babies in newborn poses that are older than the two-week-old cut off some photographers use. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other photographers if you have been told your baby is too old for newborn pictures. Get more than one opinion before completely giving up on the idea of newborn pictures.

When your baby is too old for newborn pictures, focus on the milestones in their first year and document them. From tummy time, sitting, standing, and walking – there are so many big things to capture in that first year.

Don’t get hung up if you are told your baby is too old for newborn pictures. Book a session for them at any age. It is never too late to capture your little one as they grow. Time really does fly by, and photographs help us remember the precious details of each stage once it's gone.


At Laura Miller Photography, we specialize in maternity, newborn, baby and family photography. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to schedule your slot early to ensure that you’ll have the perfect newborn pictures to cherish forever.

To book your session, contact me today. You can also check on recent sessions on the blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new.

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