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Prattville, AL Newborn, Maternity, & Family Portrait Studio: The Art of Candid Child Photography

Parents tell me all the time that they are worried their children won't cooperate and we will walk away with not a single shot worth keeping....and I get it. It's a legitimate fear because kiddos are busy, especially toddlers. They have their own agenda, and it usually doesn't involve anything we have planned for the day. (haha, I know you mammas feel me!)

If your child, like most, doesn’t like sitting still or posing for the camera, no worries. We will still get some great candid photos that capture their spunky, wild at heart personality.

My shooting style is a mix of posed and candid shots. It is my job to create situations where your child can relax and naturally bring out their personality. I usually start with a few games and give silly prompts to fight those cheesy grins so we can document those real and tender moments you want to remember with your children. Many times, I prefer these candid shots instead of the traditionally posed ones because they truly represent your sweet kiddo in this moment.

Prattville, AL - Candid art photos - child photogrpaher

This little guys was so shy when we met and wanted nothing to do with me or my camera. I introduced myself and showed him and sister my camera. I told them that the plan was to take a few pictures with mom and dad. I realized quickly that he needed a little time to warm up so I suggested we play a game! He perked up when I mentioned game. After a few rounds of tag and some silly jokes, he was comfortable with me being there and was very cooperative with the rest of the session. By the end, he was pointing out locations for our next shot! You can see the huge transformation in his body language and confidence in the photos below!

Prattville, AL - Candid art photos - child photography session

Photography sessions are not something that we do everyday and new things can be stressful to little ones. We just have to remember that and be empathetic to their feelings. They learn and grow through play. So we have to make it a fun adventure with games and giggles!

Here's what a few of my past clients had to say about their family sessions with me...

Julia said, "She is so sweet and patient, even when my child wasn’t cooperating!! Lol I would give Laura TEN stars if I could!! She is such a pleasure to work with!!"
Karen said, "She is amazing with kids, and makes the process fun for them."
Julianne said, "Laura was absolutely incredible! She brought out the biggest smile in our son’s face and was so natural with him! We had the best time taking pictures and will 100% be back! She makes taking pictures of a 1 year old look easy!! I’m so thankful for her and these beautiful pictures!!"

Montgomery, AL - Candid art photos - Child photography

If you've been holding off on scheduling a session for your kiddos or family because you are worried it will be a disaster, I encourage you to embrace this stage and go for it! Let the kiddos run and play while you relax and soak in the moment, I’ll take care of the rest. When you look back at your photos you'll remember the times you took to have fun and really connect with your family. They grow and change so quickly. You will cherish having beautiful photos (and the bloopers) that document their unique little quirks that make them who they are.

After having my own kiddos and years of experience in child and family photography, I have a few tricks up my sleeves but I'd love to hear from you! Drop a comment below and tell me your favorite tips and tricks to capture your child's attention and encourage cooperation.

Montgomery, AL - Candid art Photos - Child Photography


At Laura Miller Photography, we specialize in maternity, newborn, baby and family photography. Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to schedule your slot early.

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