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Prattville, AL Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography | What is Portrait Photography?

Simply put, Portrait Photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of that subject(s). That’s it! Seems simple enough, right?

It's true that just about anyone can snap a photo, but experienced portrait photographers are able to capture the personality and genuine emotion of people around them. They foster true connection and interaction that illicit real and tender moments between loved ones. This can be achieved by using effective prompts and poses.

Most people dread being in front of the camera? They are stiff, uncomfortable and smile like Chandler Bing in his engagement photos (where are my Friends fans at!?) It's totally normal to feel a little awkward or for kiddos to be a little shy for those first few minutes of a portrait session. But there are a few things that you can do to prep for your next session that will help create genuine emotion and connection in your photos.

Setting the Tone...

First of all, having photos taken should be a fun adventure (not a form of torture! It should highlight your interests and be an enjoyable experience.

So, when you are planning your next family portrait session or prepping for senior portraits think about the overall tone or mood you’re going for. For example, are you going for a fun look, casual, sophisticated, serene, professional, etc.? If your photos were to have a personality, what do you want that personality to be?

Location, location, location...

Next think about the location. Your location can accentuate the tone of your session as well. When you choose locations and activities you love, you are in your natural element. You can relax and enjoy the moment. This is especially helpful for small children!

What to wear...

And the last thing to consider is what to wear. You want everyone to feel their best and be comfortable. Dress for comfort but still stylish. And play up your strengths by dressing for your body type. It’s all about feeling confident!

The end result...

The goal is to look back at your photos and remember the times you took to have fun, love on, and really connect with your family. Those are the moments you want captured in your photos and have hanging on the walls of your home!


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